You're Invited to Wrap!

You’ve been invited to Wrap Tefillin and Take a “Telfie” – Tefillin Selfie!

The importance of snapping your wrapping is that in addition to your mitzvah being spiritually documented, we need it to be as physically documented as possible. And more importantly, your picture inspires and challenges others to do the same!

Here's How It Works:


Put on Tefillin. It's that Simple!

Clear here for step-by-step tutorial on wrapping Tefillin


Take a selfie with your Tefillin - "Telfie".


Share your Telfie and location with us!

1. Via WhatsApp or text at 315-710-0572
2. Via Email at
3. Tag us on Instagram with @virtualtefillin and use #Telfie
4. Upload it in the form below